• Solutions
    1. Public Area in Ships The public area in a ship has to server many people for their activities such as entertainment and resting.
    2. Ship Crew Resting Area Resting area is the temporary home for the working staff in the ship at sea. Staying in a resting area with cozy environment may help relief the fatigue of the staff.
    3. Kitchen Although kitchens are usually equipped with cooking fume removal system, there still will be some oil stains remained on the ceilings.

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Structural Insulated Panel Specialists

Chongwen is an enterprise specialized in offshore and marine interior system products in China. Our company mainly provides SIP wall panels, SIP roof panels, prefabricated bathroom unit, marine furniture and other marine interior design products. In addition, we can also offer a variety of special doors such as hangar door, garage door and workshop door. Our products are diverse in variety and reliable in quality. They have been widely used in many ship decoration projects and shipbuilding enterprises, and are favored by customers. Especially the structural insulated panels, which are not only suitable for interior decoration of ships, but also suitable for camping house, hotels and workshops on land, are widely accepted by customers.

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    1. A Type SIP Wall Panel

      The A type SIP for wall we offer has one grooved end and one raised end. This structure makes our structural insulated panels...

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    1. C Type SIP Wall Panel

      If you need to replace one piece of panel, you just need to remove the insertion strips then you can take out that piece of panel...

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    1. A60 Fireproof Door

      A60 fireproof door we offer is specially used for ships. It provides seamen with sufficient time to escape or ask for help in case of an emergency.

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    1. Prefabricated Bathroom Unit

      Inside the prefabricated bathroom unit there is a ventilating fan used to keep the air fresh and prevent microorganisms and bacterial from growing...

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    1. Marine Furniture

      You need to let us know your requirements on the marine furniture such as the use purpose, furniture structure, surface painting color and your...

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    1. Mist Eliminator

      Our mist eliminating device can effectively prevent water leakage so as to help extend the service life of air conditioner and protect the ship cabin from being corroded.

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  • Services
  • 1. Consultation service: If you have any question about our product, please contact us over E-mail or telephone. We can give you a satisfactory reply.
    2. Packing: Firstly, the panels and doors are placed onto pallets. Then, they are wrapped by plastic film, and finally bundled by iron strips.
    3. Delivery method: We usually send goods by sea.

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