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C Type SIP Wall Panel

Compared with the A type composite rock wool galvanized steel panel, this C type SIP wall panel differs in structure. Every two piece of adjacent panels are connected together by insertion strips.

This structure makes maintenance of the structural insulated panel convenient and efficient. If you need to replace one piece of panel, you just need to remove the insertion strips then you can take out that piece of panel.

The fire-resistance rating of the prefabricated structural panel our company provides is B-15and B-0.


With fire-resistance rating of B-15, our C type structural insulating wall panel can be used in the corridors, passenger rooms, meeting rooms, recreation rooms and movie rooms of ships.

Three models of C type SIP wall panels in different dimensions are available for you to select.

Detailed Parameters

Model CLP-P2 CLP-L2 CLP-L4
Fire-resistance rating B-15 B-15 B-0
Dimension Width: 600/500mm;
Height: Customizable (3600mm maximum)
Thickness 50mm 30mm 25mm
Weight 18.1kg/m2 15.9kg/m2 15.2kg/m2
Sound insulation capacity 33dB(A) 31dB(A) 30dB(A)
Heat conductivity 0.52Kcal/m2h. 0.96Kcal/m2h. 1.06Kcal/m2h.
Surface material PVC/PET filmed steel sheet or galvanized sheet (with PVC/PET film, low flame spread)
Tolerance Width: ± 1; Height: ± 3; Thickness: ± 1
Core material Rock wool
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