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Prefabricated Bathroom Unit

As a professional marine bathroom supplier, our company can provide prefabricated bathroom units in different sizes with different configurations based on customer's requirement. Our marine bathroom unit is usually in the size of 1.2m×1.2m or 2m×2m, and can share 2-4 persons. The actual size of the bathroom can be decided according to the requirement of the decoration project.

Considering the bathroom will be used in ships, we have taken great efforts to improve its performance of air ventilation, heat preservation and leakage proof.

1. Inside the prefabricated bathroom unit there is a ventilating fan used to keep the air fresh and prevent microorganisms and bacterial from growing.

2. As temperature may vary with the changing of seasons, heating lamp is assembled in our marine bathroom to keep the room warm in winter and provide a comfortable shower environment for the seamen.

3. In order to improve leakage proof performance, our prefabricated bathroom units are available with dampproof panels even at the corners.

According to cost, we provide two types of prefabricated bathroom units that are the economical utility-type and the luxurious type.

1. Economical utility-type
We design the utility-type marine bathroom with standard configuration including the wash sink, closestool, mirror box, towel rack, ventilating fan, shower curtain, shower nozzle and lamps.

2. Luxurious type
Superior to the economical utility type, the luxurious type is configured with high-quality accessories, such as the world-class premium water closet.

For convenient delivery and installation, we have different ways to pack the prefabricated marine bathroom based on customer's requirement.

1. Packing as a whole
If you prefer easy installation, we will assemble the prefabricated bathroom unit for you and pack it as a whole for shipment. A 40FT container can contain 4-7 such sanitary units.

2. Packing in bulk
If you would like to save freight cost, we can split the whole product into several separate parts and put them into a container for shipment. In this way, a 40FT container can contain over 10 bathroom units. Installation instruction book will be sent to you together with the goods.

Our company can provide solution for marine bathroom decoration. Based on project construction cost and the working environment, we can recommend you proper product and offer reasonable suggestions.

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