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In order to provide comfortable working and resting environment for the ship crews, a ship is usually equipped with some furniture such as chairs, beds, desks, bookcases, sofa, wardrobes, etc. Our company can offer marine furniture in different grades made of different materials.

You need to let us know your requirements on the marine furniture such as the use purpose, furniture structure, surface painting color and your reserved space size. Then we will offer you our product design scheme and the quotation. If you are satisfied with the design and the quotation, we will arrange batch production.

Here is the marine furniture we can provide:
Variety: chair, bed, desk, bookcase, flag locker, refrigerator cabinet, bedside table, key box, safe box, file cabinet, sofa, TV table, wardrobe, chart table, computer desk, etc.
Material: sandwich plate, fireproof laminated board, metal accessories, etc.
Dimension: customized
Performance advantage: fireproof, beautiful, elegant and durable.

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