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    1. Airship Hangar DoorThe frames of the two doors are made of steel structure. Their door leaves adopt PU heat insulated panel material or composited materials made up of aluminum alloy, PVC and polyester fibre. Other materials such as colorful steel plate, sandwich panel, polyurethane foam panel, rock wool panel and hollow plate are also available if customers require.
    1. Workshop DoorWe have a wide range of workshop doors with different opening manners for your selection. The doors we can offer include the up-load-bearing special door, bottom-load-bearing special door, multi-leaf sliding special door, sliding folding special door and special combined door.
    1. Garage DoorAs the living standard increases, private car has become an important transportation tool for many people. Owing a car, you have to have a garage. Automatic garage door, roller shutter door for garage, platform trap door and electric garage door are essential for a garage.

Special Door

For airports, shipbuilding factories, industrial or mining enterprises and machine manufacturing enterprises, doors of their hangar, workshop or warehouse are usually large and special. Since they are in special size and equipped with special lifting mechanism, those industrial special doors usually need to be customized.

Our company can offer customization service for manufacturing nonstandard doors such as hangar door, airship hangar door, garage door and workshop door.

By virtue of years of experience on special door manufacturing, we have got nearly 40 invention and utility model patents. Some of the industry-leading patented products we have developed include the anti-wind roller shutter door which can stop automatically when running across an obstacle, automatic rolling door machine, the anti-dropping safety protection device, anti-up-gliding caging device and sealing mechanism for vertical bi-folding door.

Covering an total area of 25000m2, our company has 18000m2 plants and is equipped with over 120 sets of processing equipment such as roller shutter moulding equipment, rail moulding equipment, numerically controlled plate shearing machine, bending machine, digital controlled lathe, numerically controlled planer, CNC milling machine and digital controlled drilling machine. We also have about 80 professional engineering technicians who are able to design special doors meeting customers’ demands.