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Application Field

Wall Decoration Materials Applied in Ships
In a ship, walls of the bedroom, meeting room, dining hall and the navigation bridge are usually decorated with damp-proof, heat-insulated, sound-insulated and durable materials. Our company can provide different kinds of SIP wall panels suitable for ship decoration.
Wall panels we offer have excellent fireproof performance. A layer of imported PVC film is covered on the surface of our wall panel to make it beautiful, smooth, and antifouling.

Ceiling Decoration Materials Applied in Ships
When you decorate the interior space of a ship, beautiful ceilings may help make your space more lovely and comfortable.
If you contract a ship interior decoration project and plan to decorate the ceiling of the navigation bridge, dining hall, seaman bedroom and some entertainment rooms, we recommend you the following three types of ceiling panels.

Floor Boards Applied in Ships
As customer's demand increases, high-quality intermediate materials have become more and more important. With the advantage of fire resistance, moisture proof, sound insulation impact resistance, and anti-quake performance, composite rock wool steel panel is used as auxiliary material for the floor decoration of some areas in ships. Thanks to the steel plates covered on the outmost surface, the composite rock wool panel is solid and flat.

Prefabricated Bathroom Unit Applied in Ships
Striving to provide comfortable shower environment for ship crew, Chongwen can offer different kinds of prefabricated bathroom units suitable for ship decoration project. The bathroom unit we provide is equipped with completed configurations and can share 2-4 persons. According to decoration cost, our bathroom units can be classified into the economical type and the luxurious type.

Furniture Applied in Ships
Furniture such as beds, desks, chairs sofa and wardrobes are essential for soft decoration of ships. Our company can provide customers with different grades of furniture for ships. Material, dimension and style of the furniture can be customized. The furniture we offer is exquisite in workmanship and is comfortable to the touch. In addition, our furniture is designed to be durable so as to adapt to the wet environment and endure the jounce of the ship when it is under sail.