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Ship Crew Resting Area

Resting area is the temporary home for the working staff in the ship at sea. Staying in a resting area with cozy environment may help relief the fatigue of the staff. Therefore, the resting area should be comfortable, sound-insulated, impact resistant and warm.

Wall: Since the resting area of the ship is frequently used, it is wise to select easy-cleaning materials to decorate its walls. The SIP wall panels we can offer are made of composite rock wool panels covered with a layer of PVC film on the surface. They can be cleaned simply with a piece of wet cloth thus are very easy to maintain.

Space for resting in a ship will not be as wide as in the land thus the ceiling of the resting area may be low. People living in such an area may feel depressed. For this reason, the ceiling panels installed in the resting area of a ship should avoid causing sense of depression. The A type SIP ceiling panel, square SIP ceiling panel, SIP gap ceiling panel we provide are suitable for the resting area of a ship. They are quite easy to install and their unique patterns can effectively help release depression.

A bed made of high-quality solid materials can help lower the sense of swaying caused by ship sailing. Sleeping on such a bed, the seaman may feel more comfortable.
Besides bed, we can also offer other marine furniture such as wardrobe, bedside table, TV table, chair, etc.