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As an enterprise specialized in interior decoration panels, fireproof doors and other auxiliary products used for ship, (land campsite and workshop), Chongwen International can offer you complete services.

Pre-sales Service
1. Consultation service: If you have any question about our product, please contact us over E-mail or telephone. We can give you a satisfactory reply.
2. Packing: Firstly, the panels and doors are placed onto pallets. Then, they are wrapped by plastic film, and finally bundled by iron strips.
3. Delivery time: we can deliver goods in 30 days after the contract is signed, the material list is confirmed, and the payment is done.
4. Delivery method: We usually send goods by sea.

After-sales Service
1. Warranty
Our company offers one-year warranty for all the products. Technical guidance is available after the warranty period is expired.

2. Damage disposal
If the goods are damaged during shipment, there are three ways to solve the problem. First, ask for an insurance company to compensate for the loss. Second, we will assist the customers to repair the damage. Third, customers can return the damaged goods to our company. We will repair them and then send them back to the customers.

3. Feedback collection
We will ask for feedbacks on the product from customers through E-mail to know whether the goods are in good condition and ask for suggestions as to how to improve the next batch of goods.

4. Using instruction
(1) Some customers order the one-side baking varnish painted panel at first, but may need both-side painted ones in actual use. Under such circumstance, we can offer guidance to help them paint the other side of the panel.

(2) If the wrapped film is difficult to be torn down sometimes, we can direct the customers to tear them down with the help of hot steam.

(3) In addition, we have installation guide for the fireproof panels and the fireproof doors. No matter what problem you have in using our product, we can offer thoughtful services to help you work out a solution.