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Public Area in Ships
The public area in a ship has to server many people for their activities such as entertainment and resting. Thus the interior decoration material and furniture for a ship need to be durable and help create unique atmosphere.
Every ship usually has its special theme. Our company can provide high-quality decoration material fitting for the theme according to the requirement of the ship owner or the ship builder.

Ship Crew Resting Area
Resting area is the temporary home for the working staff in the ship at sea. Staying in a resting area with cozy environment may help relief the fatigue of the staff. Therefore, the resting area should be comfortable, sound-insulated, impact resistant and warm.
Wall: Since the resting area of the ship is frequently used, it is wise to select easy-cleaning materials to decorate its walls.

Although kitchens are usually equipped with cooking fume removal system, there still will be some oil stains remained on the ceilings. Generally, ceilings will not be cleaned quite often. If you have installed ceilings having wide piecing seams, oil stains may be more easily to accumulate in the seams and are difficult to be removed. To avoid this problem, we recommend you the A type SIP ceiling panel which has narrow piecing seams and is easy to clean even when being contaminated by oil stains.